Why is Important to Keep your Carpets Clean

Why is Important to Keep your Carpets Clean

Keeping a carpet clean is great, but not only for aesthetic reasons, but also a way to keep your family healthy.

Carpets and rugs can look very clean to the naked eye while harboring dirt, dander, bacteria, and other irritants. When these irritants make it into the air you breathe, and eventually into your lungs, they can cause health issues.

Once carpet has accumulated this elements, it may be causing problems such as respiratory issues or skin problems. This is why it is important that it is cleaned professionally to ensure proper conditions, of course there are ways to slow down the accumulation of irritants like those in your carpets.

Quality Carpet Care & Tile Services offers the following recommendations on how to help prevent your carpet from making your family sick:

Avoid placing wall-to-wall carpeting in certain areas.
Damp areas are always breeding grounds for mold. Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, choose an area rug for the areas in your home that could hold a lot of moisture, such as the bathrooms, laundry room, basement or kitchen. Also, placing wall-to-wall carpeting in the rooms of people with allergies and asthma is not a good idea, because they may be susceptible to allergic reactions if carpets are not properly cleaned.

Pay attention to unusual smells at home.
An unpleasant odor around your house could be a sign of mold. Because mold can live in walls, insulation, basements, and of course under carpets. Indoor mold has the potential to create health problems. If you suspect mold issues, take action immediately to have it checked by carpet cleaning experts so you can take measures to protect your family’s health.

Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tips

Quality Carpet Care & Tile Services offers the following do-it-yourself tips on removing spots and stains that have found their way onto your carpet.

Avoid from rubbing the stain.

Rubbing the stain excessively may cause the stain to be driven further into the carpet. This would make it even more difficult to remove the stain. The carpet’s material could also possibly be damaged.

Begin cleaning around the edges.

Instead of start cleaning from the center, which is often the most obvious or damaged spot, begin from the outside of the stain and move towards the center. If you start from the center, you risk spreading the stain more.

Don not use hot water.

Hot water can cause the structure of the stain to change. This can allow it to stick to the surface of your carpet.

Avoid aggressive cleaning solutions.

Use mild solutions first. Harsh solutions may cause serious damage to your carpet, and these kinds of situations can often be fixed with softer chemicals. Bad stains should be taken care of by a professional. Please check Quality Carpet Care & Tile services when you need your carpet professionally cleaned.

Quality Carpet Care & Tile Services
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